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Pumpkins’ Hyundai song available for download

By | Published on Monday 2 February 2009

Talking of songs in adverts, following the news last week that a new Smashing Pumpkins song would appear on a Hyundai car ad during this weekend’s Superbowl, news today that the full version of the song – especially penned for the car maker apparently – will be available for free download from the band’s official website. So, that’s nice.

And now some nonsense about the ad campaign the song soundtracks from Hyundai US’s marketing man Joel Ewanick: “The combination of Hyundai’s exciting new Genesis Coupe matched with music performed by Smashing Pumpkins offers the perfect ‘kick-off’ to Super Bowl advertising. From rock to classical, our Genesis Coupe ads demonstrate the two personalities of the car, which was designed for all types of driving enthusiasts”.