Pure launches streaming service

By | Published on Thursday 27 October 2011


Digital radio maker PURE has announced plans to launch a subscription-based streaming music service which will work on some of its digital radio sets as well as via PCs and smartphones. The on-demand service will have a monthly subscription of £4.99, and offer playlist functionality and such like, though the most interesting element is probably the tagging function.

Some PURE devices already offer a tagging service, where you can tag songs you hear on the radio and then go online to buy them as downloads. With the new service you would also be able to stream tagged songs via any PURE-enabled device. It’s interesting in that it turns radio into a discovery platform that links directly to an on-demand streaming service. There have been various efforts to link radio to online music services over the years, including PURE’s own previous dabblings, though none have really taken off. It will be interesting to see if this is the one that can.

Commenting on the new service, which will launch in December, PURE’s Director Of Marketing Colin Crawford told reporters: “Whether you are into chart hits or would prefer a trip down memory lane, PURE Music is the perfect service to allow you to find music and listen to individual tracks, full albums, or even mixtapes perfectly matched to your mood. PURE Music is now at the heart of all of our internet radios, making it child’s play to find and enjoy any music you want directly on your favourite listening device. Forget the hassle of downloading and ripping – just search and enjoy”.