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Qrates will store your unsold vinyl

By | Published on Monday 4 March 2019


Qrates has announced a new service allowing artists who use the company to press up some vinyl to also store those records in its warehouse. On top of that, it will also handle fulfilment, cutting out the need to store boxes of records in your bedroom and make endless trips to the post office.

“Our mission is to make vinyl as easy to press, sell, distribute and play as digital music, and Qrates Storage and Shipping is a huge step forward in achieving that goal”, says the company’s CMO Taishi Fukuyama. “Our existing crowdfunding and pre-order services allow artists of any size to sell their music on vinyl without worrying about their budget, and now they don’t need to worry about ending up with crates of unsold records taking up space in their garage”.

Offering vinyl pressing services supported by crowdfunding, pre-orders or on-demand, Qrates already offers some storage at its London and Michigan warehouses to artists who sign up to its retail distribution option. However, this new move will allow any records pressed through Qrates to be stored, with online tools to track sales and stock levels.