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R Kelly’s ex-girlfriend reportedly speaking to prosecutors

By | Published on Tuesday 4 February 2020

R Kelly

R Kelly’s now former girlfriend Azriel Clary is reportedly cooperating with federal authorities as they continue to build a criminal case against the musician.

Clary was a vocal supporter of Kelly as he faced multiple criminal charges last year relating to allegations of sexual abuse. But last month she reunited with her family and said that she now believes she was a victim of abuse herself. This followed an on-camera fight with Kelly’s other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage, which resulted in a battery charge for Savage.

Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg has seemingly confirmed that Clary is now working with the prosecution. Although he’s previously issued statements on stories related to Clary and Savage that subsequently turned out to be false. Nevertheless, he tells TMZ: “It’s not news to me. I’ve suspected it all along, but you can’t get in the way of love… Rob’s love for her”.

TMZ also reports that, since Clary left Kelly, both she and her family have been receiving death threats, which prosecutors are monitoring.