Radio 1 apologises for fit Hannah tweet

By | Published on Wednesday 11 September 2013

London Grammar

First the BBC’s ‘Newsnight’ was forced to apologise when its editor accidentally tweeted that an appearance on the programme by Labour MP Rachel Reeves was “boring snoring”, and now Radio 1’s ‘Breakfast Show’ has had to say sorry for a tweet, after some listeners took offence at the show’s official Twitter feed asking listeners whether they agreed that Hannah Reid from guest band London Grammar was “fit”.

Alongside a photo of the indie trio, the ‘Breakfast Show’s Twitter feed declared: “We all think that the girl from London Grammar is fit. Let us know if you agree on 81199 #ladz”. Shortly afterwards one listener’s response – “very decent” – was retweeted. But, while being declared officially “fit” and “decent” is better than being described as “boring snoring”, quite a few people didn’t think such twit-letching (twetching?) over “the girl” was especially appropriate for the Radio 1 ‘Breakfast Show’s official Twitter feed.

Of course the complainers missed the point – it was irony, see? Later in the day a new tweet appeared, reading: “Our tweet earlier about Hannah from London Grammar was meant to be ironic, but we got it wrong, we’re sorry”. Though using the “we were being ironic” defence does sort of imply the breakfast show team don’t think Reid is “fit” at all.

But whatever, two hours later they added: “We really regret the tweet this morning about London Grammar so we’ve deleted the original tweet from this morning now. We’re aware it’s been RT’ed a lot and screengrabbed, but out of respect to Hannah, we have removed from our timeline”.