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Radio 1 to make its Presenter Upload tool available to the wider industry

By | Published on Wednesday 18 May 2022

BBC Radio 1

Radio 1 is looking to make its Presenter Uploader tool available to the wider radio industry, making it easier for aspiring radio presenters to submit their demo tapes to decision makers at stations around the UK.

The tool was originally designed for Radio 1’s Christmas Takeover, where the BBC outlet gives new presenting talent the opportunity to present shows over the Christmas break, when the station’s usual line-up of DJs tend to take a few days off.

But Radio 1 would like the tool to be used more widely, including beyond the BBC, and to that end it is partnering with the Radio Academy to promote the initiative to other broadcasters.

The tool aims to make it easier for aspiring presenters to get their work in front of the decision makers in radio, and for programming chiefs to organise and manage the demo tapes they receive.

Speaking to Radio Today about the initiative at the Radiodays Europe conference, Head Of Radio 1 Aled Haydn-Jones said that by making tools like this available, the radio industry can become accessible to a more diverse mix of people. After all, in radio – like the music business – having existing connections in the industry has always been a key way that many people find their initial opportunities. But how can you better help those without the connections?

“That’s why we keep getting the same type of people coming into the radio industry all the time, because they’re the kind of people like us who can make it to freelance around our stations”, Haydn-Jones observed. “This uploader gave me the insight that you can level the playing field and reach new people with different backgrounds who may not be radio focused, but who would be good on radio, wherever they are in the UK”.