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Radio promotions agency launches podcast plugging division

By | Published on Wednesday 17 April 2019

Blueprint Pods

Radio promotions firm Blueprint Radio has added a new division that will specialise in all things podcasts. Because we all love all things podcasts.

“5.2 million people listen to podcasts in the UK every month and 45% of them are under 35”, says Blueprint Pod director Sophie Paluch. “They are also some of the most engaged audiences with over 25% sharing and reposting content – and we think these are numbers that no one can ignore”.

She goes on: “We believe that music audiences are now hungrier than ever to know more about the artist behind the music and podcasts are the ideal way to do this, as well as a chance for artists to reach new audiences. And internationally, we know podcasts can reach audiences of millions. [For example], placing artists within the huge world of American podcasts is an excellent opportunity to introduce talent into the US market”.

The company reckons that its new service, Blueprint Pods, is the UK’s first podcast-led plugging service for artists and labels, with the agency’s other director, Chris Slade, adding: “Podcasts present a huge opportunity for artists and rights holders. We wanted to be the first company that fully services this fast developing market in the way in which it deserves”.