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Raekwon on a possible Wu Tang movie: “Bet your ass it’s gonna be serious”

By | Published on Tuesday 25 August 2015

Wu-Tang Clan

If NWA can have a fucking movie, why the fuck can’t Wu Tang have a fucking movie. Not my words ladies and gentlemen. Well, my words, but not my sentiment. Well, maybe my sentiment. But the point is, the sentiment I express is not original, I’m merely passing on something Raekwon said. Actually, that’s not what Raekwon said at all.

Anyway, the point is, Raekwon off of the Wu Tang Clan has been talking about the possibility of a biopic being made about his group because, in the wake of the box office success of ‘Straight Outta Compton’, people reckon there could now be a flurry of movies based around the lives of rappers.

“When we make a Wu movie, bet your ass it’s gonna be serious”, he told Hot 97, at a shoe-promoting event, I think. I wonder if that will be in the movie. “Because we gotta tell the truth” he went on. “And I think that’s what I love about the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ movie, is that they told the truth. When we do get to that level and it happens, it has to be the real story. It’s gonna be an interesting one, cause I said – RZA hit the lotto one day. He knew who he had, but he didn’t know what he had. So let’s keep it right there”.

So, that’s something to look forward to: a Wu Tang film that is as truthful as ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Though given all the controversy in the last week over how the young Dr Dre assaulting his partners was not portrayed in the NWA film, maybe not the whole truth.