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Rammstein confirm new album, cause controversy with video

By | Published on Friday 29 March 2019

Rammstein have confirmed that their long-awaited seventh album – their first LP release in nearly a decade – will finally be unleashed on 17 May. And it is already causing controversy because of the video that accompanies first single ‘Deutschland’.

In it the band are dressed in uniforms similar to those worn in German concentration camps during World War II with nooses around their necks. As the video progresses, the prisoners are seen seeking revenge on the fascist guards.

Opinion is divided about the new video from the often controversial band, but some argue that this time Rammstein have definitely crossed the decency line.

The former president of the Central Council Of Jews In Germany, Charlotte Knoblach, told German newspaper Bild: “The instrumentalisation and trivialisation of the Holocaust, as shown in the images, is irresponsible. With this video, the band has crossed a line”.

Beyond the video and the controversy surrounding it, the band have also been talking about the music that’s on the new record and the process they went through when making it. Guitarist Richard Kruspe told Guitar World of the album: “It’s not too sterile, not too clean. It has a lot of life and energy in it, but it’s not all angry. The music is more than that. It’s different for Rammstein. You might even say it’s fun to listen to.”

On the recording process, he went on: “Everyone with a computer can make music at home. You can programme stuff and get nice-sounding drum programmes and the sound is very good off the soundcards you have at home. That’s fine, but our goal was to have something that could never be done at home, where you really hear the humans behind the instruments. To see your drummer play when you work on songs and see there are real people involved in your band I think is good for us”.

The new record is called ‘Rammstein’ and is released by Spinefarm.