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Rare Threatin t-shirt goes up for sale on eBay

By | Published on Tuesday 20 November 2018


The chance to own a piece of rock history has emerged. A t-shirt sold (possibly the only t-shirt sold) on Threatin’s recent UK tour is up for sale on eBay. And it’s all for a good cause.

For those of you who somehow missed this story, here’s a quick recap: US band came on tour in the UK, claiming decent ticket sales from their large online fanbase. Turned out they hadn’t actually sold any tickets and their fanbase was all bots. Band played several dates to no one, before word got out. Tour collapsed. Frontman (and sole permanent member of the band) Jered Eames claimed that this was all part of the “illusion” he had created.

When video footage emerged of a show in Manchester, two people were seen watching Threatin play. It emerged that this was Mel Adams and Tim Hall of the band Aonia, who had been sent free tickets. After the video circulated, Adams identified herself and her bandmate, saying that she’d “bought a t-shirt because I felt bad they’d come so far to play to two people” and “didn’t know about all the fake stuff till the next day”.

You’d think that anyone in possession of such a rare item would want to keep hold of it, but Adams has instead decided to sell it in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which aims to promote understanding for subcultures and reduce hate crimes in the UK.

Explaining further how she came to be in possession of the t-shirt, Adams writes in the eBay listing: “[Threatin] actually put on quite a good show and I really enjoyed them. At the end, I approached their TM to buy a t-shirt because I felt bad that they’d come all the way from LA to play to an (almost) empty room, and also I felt guilty that we hadn’t paid to get in. They had a SHEDLOAD of merch. Like, at least two suitcases full”.

So, you had the chance to get hold of one of those t-shirts earlier this month, but you missed it. However now the opportunity has arisen again! At the time of writing, the top bid on the auction is just £132, which means you still have a chance to grab an absolute bargain. Put in your bids here.