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Razorlight sign with Absolute Label Services for new album

By | Published on Thursday 8 August 2019


Razorlight… you know Razorlight? Well, Razorlight have signed a deal with Absolute to release a new album next year. The company will provide its full range of label services throughout the entire world. Lucky world.

“Razorlight are a fixture of indie rock”, says Absolute’s Senior Label Manager Kate Hendry, which I suppose is true. I mean, despite everything, they do keep coming back. “We are really excited by the music so far. The calibre of creativity coming from one of the hardest working bands in the live business has really inspired us and we are looking forward to implementing some bespoke digital marketing strategies, together with traditional retail and D2C marketing, which we think will kick our campaign into action nicely”.

So, that all sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Wish she’d said more about that D2C marketing though. That’s what were really all here to learn about, right? Oh, hang on, here’s a quote from the band’s manager, Blackbook Management’s Roger Morton. Maybe he’ll tell us more about the D2C marketing. Don’t let us down Roger!

“It’s really exciting to be working with Absolute for Razorlight’s fifth studio album” says he. “The level of service and creative support they provide was really attractive, especially in the digital arena”. OK, that’s fine. But D2C? “We’re very much looking forward to launching our D2C offering for the album pre-order in October, all supported by some serious live activity with the rest of the festival circuit this summer, moving into an arena tour with our friends Kaiser Chiefs and then onto a headline tour to support the album release”.

Phew, thanks Roger! Now we know. And I’m sure you, like me, are now on the edge of your seat just sitting waiting for that October pre-order. Though even then, the album’s not actually out until next year. And that’s absolutely ages away!

Is there new music we can listen to right now at this very moment? Well, actually, there is, my impatient friend. Because, if you hadn’t been so busy bugging Roger for the lowdown on his D2C strategy, I could have told you much sooner that new single ‘Cops And Robbers’ is out now. Think of it as a pre-pre-order preview. Here it is: