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Rdio playback available within Shazam app on iPhone

By | Published on Tuesday 15 July 2014


Want to know what that record is?

You know, the one that’s playing over there.

And not only want to know what it is, but want your phone to play it back at you right now?

Yeah, even though we’ve already ascertained the record is playing over there already. Ignore that.

And want do identify and listen to the track while only opening one app on your iPhone, to save yourself the heavy lifting of having to open a second app in close succession?

Well you, kind sir or madam, are in luck.

Because the latest upgrade of the Shazam iOS app not only offers you the option to click through to Rdio to stream or playlist the track you’re identifying, but now you can have it play right there through the Shazam app itself. Such are the happy days in which we live.

You’ll need a premium Rdio subscription mind. You Spotify users aren’t welcome to this in-app playing party, not since the mysterious and only slightly messy Shazam/Spotify divorce that occurred (in some territories) earlier this year.

But don’t worry Spotify users, you can still play iTunes previews within the app. And I’ve never come across a song that isn’t improved by a 30 second edit.

Rdio-powered in-app play should be added to Shazam’s Android app soon too, with similar in-app playback via other streamers also planned.