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Record industry trade bodies welcome EU-Japan trade deal

By | Published on Monday 17 December 2018

European Commission

The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry and Japanese record industry trade body RIAJ have issued a joint statement welcoming the new trade agreement between the European Union and Japan. As part of the deal, Japan’s sound recording copyright term will be brought in line with that of Europe, which is 70 years after release.

“As representatives of the recording industry in Japan and worldwide, we welcome the support given by the EU and Japanese parliaments to the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement ratification”, said the trade bodies. “The EU-Japan trade agreement extends the term of protection for sound recordings in Japan to match the duration of protection in the EU, treating artists and producers fairly in both regions”.

The statement goes on: “It also provides a platform for continued bilateral discussion on matters of mutual interest, including the question of introducing public performance rights for producers in Japan. As such, the agreement represents a legal framework linking the Japanese and European music markets”.

With the deal agreed, the IFPI and RIAJ “urge the EU and Japan to ensure that this important agreement enters into force as soon as possible”.