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Reform the original Sugababes? Surely not

By | Published on Thursday 24 September 2009

With the Sugababes now no longer including any of the original Babes, one of the group’s founders, Mutya Buena, has said she’d welcome the proposal of reforming the original line up as a rival SB combo, should such a proposal ever be made.

Though given that Buena’s other founding Babe-mates – Siobhan Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan – famously haven’t spoken in years, with the former accusing the latter of making her ill through bullying while she was in the group, I’m not sure that idea is much of a goer.

Nevertheless, Buena told GMTV: “Well you know, we’re all grown up. I haven’t been with the Sugababes for so long, and you know, I’ve had my years of growing up and learning about what I want in life and getting to look after my daughter. So hooking up with the rest of the girls – I think that could be an amazing idea, definitely”.