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Release date set for “Kurt Cobain solo album”

By | Published on Thursday 13 August 2015

Kurt Cobain

So we have a release date for what some people are dubbing “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, though I’m not sure I’m calling it “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, because I’m not really sure it is “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, but I thought you should know that some people are calling it “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, and that you’re welcome to call it “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, because some people reckon it is “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, but I also wanted you to know I’m not calling it “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, because I’m not sure it is “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”, on account of it clearly not being “Kurt Cobain’s solo album”.

So, Kurt Cobain’s solo album will be released on 6 Nov, alongside the DVD release of the film to which the record is the soundtrack, ‘Montage Of Heck’. The documentary had limited screenings and an HBO airing in the US back in May, but will go on general release on DVD in November.

The documentary’s director Brett Morgen ploughed through a stack of home recordings and other Cobain rarities when making his film, and it is tracks from that stack that appear in the documentary and on this new record. On the music he found, Morgen previously told Bedford + Bowery: “Just to be clear, it’s not a Nirvana album, it’s just Kurt and you’re going to hear him do things you never expected to come out of him”. Which is why this is definitely a Kurt Cobain solo album. Expect to be unexpected.

On the soundtrack, Morgen continues: “You really get a sense of how happy he was simply by creating himself. His lyrics are really playful, and, at times, you can feel his smile and warmth coming through”.

Those who have seen the documentary will have already heard most of the music on the record, or at least bits of it, though it is thought there might be some extra rarity recordings on the soundtrack that don’t actually appear in the film.