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Release round-up: Lorde, EMA, Hands and Charlotte Gainsbourg

By | Published on Monday 16 December 2013


Rounding up the latest release news…

Though it got somewhat lost in the fallout of last Friday’s ‘shock visual Beyonce LP’ bomb blast, underappreciated NZ pop sensation Lorde also put out some new music in the form of surprise single ‘No Better’. Available to buy via iTunes, the track doesn’t feature on the singer’s first and only LP ‘Pure Heroine’, but still sounds like it could. Listen here:

And since tis the season we’re talking Artists Of The Year, why not take a nostalgic AOTY trip back to 2011, and one of CMU’s fave acts at that time EMA, who’s now back with a new LP titled ‘The Future’s Void’. The sequel (numerically speaking) to her debut ‘Past Life Martyred Saints’, has a vague release date set in spring 2014. Less vague is its lead single ‘Satellites’, which picks up on the LP’s wider themes dealing with the ways we try to ‘fit’ in the ‘digital age’, and asking “where we are all headed”. The track itself is inspired by the idea that we’re being watched all the time, an idea it interprets like so:

A certain Axel Willner has temporarily traded in his approved alias The Field to instead spend time as Hands, his experimental noise moniker. His first Hands full-length has four tracks to it, all of whose titles are variations on ‘Beelitz-Heilstätten’, which was a sanatorium in Berlin in the 1800s. History bitover, this is what Willner says by way of a billing for the LP, which is called ‘The Soul Is Quick’ and due out on 10 Feb 2014: “It’s a protest record for when you’ve had enough of how the world works. When you find yourself taking inspiration from human decay rather then brighter things”.

Finally, Charlotte Gainsbourg has gone and done-over Jimmy Hendrix’s ‘Hey Joe’ for the score of this happy-clappy kids’ film she’s starring in (ha), Lars Von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’. It has her pal Beck at the mixing desk, and is released as a digital single this week. Hear it via Pitchfork, who also have the next-level NSFW ‘Nymphomaniac’ trailer.