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Release Round-Up: Mastodon, Jedward, The Horrors, Tinchy Stryder and The Proper Ornaments

By | Published on Tuesday 22 April 2014

Tinchy Stryder

Rounding up the latest release news…

Mastodon. You know them, right? They’ve got a new album coming out this year. It is called ‘Once More Around The Sun’. It takes twelve months for the earth to go around The Sun. That’s a year. To this end, I have concluded that this new release is a concept album about a year in the life of Mastodon. Track 1: ‘Beard Maintenance’.

I’m not sure where ‘High Road’ fits into that, but that’s the track that the band have just released as a preview of what to come. You can listen to it here:

Now, if you were to try to imagine the exact opposite of Mastodon, I think you’d get somewhere close to Jedward. Which is a completely seamless link into me telling about the new album from Jedward. Called ‘Free Spirit’, the duo’s fourth album is 100% written and produced by the twins themselves. Yes, that is a thing that happened.

Anyway, I thought we were supposed to call them John And Edward now, as per some announcement last summer, but that seems not to be the case. Nonetheless, they’re still trying to transition from novelty act to serious popstars. Whether that’s a possibility or not, you can find out on 17 May when the album’s title track comes out as a single. Have a listen to the song here and see what you think.

Imagine if Jedward did become legit, proper pop musicians. Imagine. As legit as The Horrors. That doesn’t seem too high to aim, does it? And this is the perfect time to compare the two, because The Horrors have a new album out on 5 May. It’s called ‘Luminous’, and they’ve just put out the video for the first single, ‘So Now You Know’. To be honest, if they want to compete with Jedward, they’re going to have to step up their game a bit:

Tinchy Stryder (pictured) though. He’s a guy you can depend on. He’s got a new album coming out this year too. His one’s called ‘360º’, and the first single from it is ‘Misunderstood’. I mean it’s called ‘Misunderstood’, obviously. I understand it perfectly. You can come to reach an understanding with it too, via the video here:

Finally, I want to talk about The Proper Ornaments. They’ve just announced that they’re going to release an album on 9 Jun, via the Fortuna POP! label, called ‘Wooden Head’. They’ve also got lots of stories about mental hospitals, car crashes, footwear theft and threatened testicle removal, if their press release is to be believed, but you don’t want to hear about those. You just want to hear a track from the album. Here it is, it’s called ‘Summer’s Gone’: