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Release Round-Up: Sky Ferreira, Twin Shadow, Peace, Marissa Nadler and Evy Jane

By | Published on Thursday 17 April 2014

Sky Ferreira

Rounding up the latest release news…

Sky Ferreira (pictured) has visibly thrown ‘giving a shit what you think’ out the window, and made a big old ‘controversial’ video for her new single, ‘I Blame Myself’. It pretty barefacedly plays off Ferreira’s real-life arrest (for drugs possession, and resisting officers) last year, and finds Ferreira in a car park involved in some kind of shady business.

Speaking in its ‘making of’ clip, Sky says: “It’s obviously based off of real events… people always ask me questions about certain things, and it’s kind of like my response. I think actions speak louder than words”. Yes, they do. And so do videos like this:

Keeping things American for the time being, LA native Twin Shadow, aka alt-pop Prince-ling George Lewis Jr, has this week released a new track titled ‘To The Top’. Available online now to buy, it’s Twin Shadow’s first inkling of something new since the song he wrote to go on the ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ score, ‘Old Love/New Love’, and is believed to be the first signal of a new TW LP to follow 2012’s ‘Confess’.

Climb on ‘To The Top’ in the meantime:

1990s-loving indie cindies Peace have shared, digitally speaking, their first real single of the year, as opposed to the track they released earlier this year, ‘World Pleasure’, which was more of a primer for the real thing. ‘Money’, as that ‘real thing’ is titled, will appear on the follow-on to Peace’s 2013 debut ‘In Love’, coming out first on its own on 9 Jun.

The band’s Harry Koisser explains his motivation in making ‘Money’ like so: “I wrote it at some point last year whilst trying to write a song about anything but myself. I realised I wasn’t born into it and I still don’t have it and as a song it just seemed to work. It’s not negative, bitter or whingey. I just feel like this year I got a ticket to the circus and I’m trying to decide if I’m a lion or a clown”. That same anti-capitalist tone carries into the official ‘Money’ clip, which looks like this:

Elsewhere, Marissa Nadler has take the cover off the official visual for ‘Drive’, the latest single to be released from her beautiful, Bella Union-released new LP ‘July’.

Praising its director Naomi Yang’s treatment of the clip, Marissa says: “The surreal, dreamlike shots of me twirling through the roads and landscapes, contrasted with the stills from everyday life, encapsulate the essence of ‘Drive’ completely. I think the song is one of contrasts, and the video magnifies both the good and bad, the still and the moving, and the blurred line between dream and reality”.

Switch on ‘Drive’ now:

Finally, Ninja Tune’s newest signing Evy Jane, the alias of Canadian Evelyn Jane Mason and Jeremiah Klein, who were CMU approved back in 2012, have this week released a new single titled ‘Closer’. Hear it via its video, which befits the tracks ‘cryogenic brain-freeze’ vibe, here: