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Release Round-Up: Tori Amos, White Lung, Maria Minerva, Tanika and Tuff Love

By | Published on Monday 31 March 2014

Tuff Love

Rounding up the latest release news…

Queen-of-quirk Tori Amos has unveiled a first taster of her new LP, ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’, in a new track entitled ‘Trouble’s Lament’. It’s about Satan, apparently.

Vancouver punk band White Lung have dreamt up a new long-length record of their own, named ‘Deep Fantasy’. Set to be released via Domino on 16 Jun, it apparently finds the band in a frame of mind that’s “every bit as confrontational as before, but they’ve managed to open their sound up just enough to draw listeners in before kicking them in the face”. What a sweet sentiment. Stream lead ‘Deep Fantasy’ single ‘Drown With The Monster’ beneath this sentence, and click here to play a list of tracks that inspired the LP.

Weird and wavy Estonian pop artist Maria Minerva, seen here being approved, is also in the business of announcing albums, having just named her new one, ‘Histrionic’, which is a word that just doesn’t get said enough. Get a load of one of the LP’s tracks, ‘The Beginning’, ahead of its release on 28 Apr via Not Not Fun:

Naughty Boy collaborator and blossoming, Brixton-based solo vocalist Tanika has an EP on its way, featuring lots of cool pop hits, not least the MNEK-assisted ‘Bad 4 U’. Available on iTunes now, ‘Fucking With My Heart’ will have its real-life digital/tangible release on 28 Apr. In the meantime, please feel free to stream the entire EP via Popjustice. And this is the ‘Bad 4 U’ video, by the way:

And do you know what, another really good song doing the rounds of late is ‘Sweet Discontent’, by affably scrappy Scottish trio Tuff Love (pictured). It’s downloadable now (for a price) on its own, and will be released via the band’s new EP ‘Junk’ on 5 May. Give it a spin immediately, or else regret it for all time: