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Remute to release new album on Nintendo 64 cartridge

By | Published on Thursday 13 January 2022


You know the problem with all these people buying vinyl and cassette releases? That’s right, the ability to play them. Far too many people own the necessary technology. What’s the point of making music if people can hear it? Producer Remute has come up with a solution though. His new album, ‘R64’, is being made available on a very niche music format, the Nintendo 64 cartridge.

Actually, I just checked and you can buy an N64 on eBay for much less than the price of a decent record player, so maybe this is the physical format The Kids have all been clamouring for. If any of The Kids want to know what an N64 is. Well, listen young people, gaming peaked with ‘Goldeneye’, and that’s all you need to know.

This isn’t actually Remute’s first foray into making music for obsolete consoles. He’s previously released music for Sega Megadrive, SNES, Nintendo DS and Gameboy. And, he would like you to know, this is music truly made for the N64 format. There are no gimmicks to be seen here.

“No tricks – this is not an embedded MP3-player, terribly compressed WAV-files on a microSD-card or other cheating”, says the blurb on Bandcamp. “As with all previous Remute cartridge albums, the sound on this cartridge gets generated and played back in realtime and it’s all happening within [a] meagre eight megabytes! With ‘R64’ the Nintendo 64 console is your very own synthesizer and happy to serve you every time you turn it on and press play! 93,75MHz, baby!”

You can pre-order the album here.