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Reservoir signs Ben Harper

By | Published on Wednesday 28 October 2020

Ben Harper

Reservoir has signed singer-songwriter Ben Harper to a new global publishing deal. The agreement covers his entire catalogue, including his latest instrumental album, ‘Winter Is For Lovers’, which came out last week.

“Some of the most forward-thinking conversations I’m having around music right now are with the people at my new publisher Reservoir”, says Harper. “The first 27 years of songs I’ve written are now with them, and hopefully my next 27 years, as the best is yet to come”.

Reservoir Global Creative Director, Donna Casein, adds: “Ben Harper’s music is essential. His music continues to tell rich stories and move the soul. From ‘The Three of Us’ to ‘Paris’ on his latest release ‘Winter Is For Lovers’, Ben’s musicianship and excellence is unparalleled. We are so grateful he put his songs in our care and look forward to all the new music ahead”.

From ‘Winter Is For Lovers’, this is ‘London’: