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Reservoir signs Joni Mitchell

By | Published on Tuesday 14 September 2021

Joni Mitchell

Reservoir has signed a new deal with Joni Mitchell to administer her songs catalogue worldwide.

“I’m looking forward to working with Reservoir”, says Mitchell. That’s her whole statement. Oh yeah, I’m sure you’d all go back to Joni Mitchell and tell her what she’d written wasn’t good enough. Anyway, this leaves space for two whole quotes from people who work at Reservoir.

“I am so proud to welcome Joni Mitchell to our Reservoir family”, says CEO Golnar Khosrowshahi. “Joni is a musical pioneer and a once-in-a-lifetime creator, and we look forward to safeguarding her catalogue and championing her legacy”.

EVP and Global Creative Director Donna Caseine adds: “It is a career-defining moment when you have the opportunity to work with an icon, whose music has moved and inspired you. This means so much to me on a personal level and is an important milestone for all of us at Reservoir. We are truly honoured to support Joni’s music and amplify her rich pioneering contributions to the arts with audiences old and new”.

Given time to reflect, I think we can now all agree that what Mitchell wrote was actually the best. And that’s what’s sustained her career for 50 years.