Richard Hawley to launch space rock LP

By | Published on Friday 10 February 2012

Richard Hawley

Veteran singer-songwriter Richard Hawley has announced that he intends to release a new studio LP, ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’, on 7 May. Touted in PR speak as a meld of “psychedelia, space rock and ragas with heavy riffs and raw, visceral guitar solos”, it seems the album will mark a departure from Hawley’s traditional sound.

Says he: “I wanted to get away from the orchestration of my previous records and make a live album with two guitars, bass, drums and rocket noises”.

She Brings The Sunlight
Standing At The Sky’s Edge
Time Will Bring You Winter
Down In The Woods
Seek It
Don’t Stare At The Sun
The Wood Collier’s Grave
Leave Your Body Behind You