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Rick Ross refused bail after arrest for assault

By | Published on Friday 26 June 2015

Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross is currently incarcerated after being refused bail in relation to charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

He is being held in the Fayette County jail in Georgia, with details of the alleged incident from which the charges stem being contained in an arrest warrant which has been made public.

It reads: “Subject did assault the victim, Jonathan Zamudio, (twice), with a handgun, specifically a Glock 17, 9mm, black in colour, and in doing so caused two chipped teeth, jaw injury, neck injury, and multiple scratches and contusions. The victim lost the use of his jaw and is restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as result of not being able to chew food”.

Further allegations include that the rapper used “a handgun and physical touching to force, against his will, Jonathan Zamudio into the residence … where he was taken down a hallway, into a bedroom, and forced to remain”.

Ross has reportedly cooperated with police since his arrest, though there is no word on how he intends to plead to the charges. But we do know his bodyguard has been arrested and charged over the same incident.

It’s the rapper’s second run in with the law this month, having been pulled over by police while driving, leading to two other charges, one for a traffic violation and one for marijuana possession.