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Rick Ross would eat chicken wings with 50 Cent to end racism

By | Published on Monday 16 November 2015

Rick Ross

Rick Ross has said he would set aside his ongoing feud with 50 Cent if it would bring about an end to all racism. So that’s something all you racists are going to have to sit down and have a long think about today, isn’t it?

Appearing on ‘Daily Show’ spin-off ‘The Nightly Show’ last week, host Larry Wilmore posed rapper Ross with a dilemma: “The universe offers you a deal. You can end racism forever, but you have to become good, close friends with 50 Cent. You have to hang out at the pool together, you got to go eat together, take ski trips together. I don’t care, whatever, you guys are pals. Do you do it?”

“I’ma keep it 100. I’m going to stop racism”, decided Ross. “If I gotta take him to Wing Stop and have him eat some lemon pepper wings to stop racism, that’s what I’m gonna do”.

He stopped short of agreeing to that skiing holiday, but something this big isn’t going to change all at once, is it? For now, chicken wings will have to do.