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RightsHub adds DataDoktor tool

By | Published on Thursday 18 February 2021


Music rights management platform RightsHub has added a new tool called DataDoktor which, it says, will “enable music rights-holders to check, clean, enrich and enhance their existing catalogue data simply and efficiently”.

Among other things, the tool will identify any problems with a music company’s rights data which could negatively impact on that music being discovered through streaming services, or being properly attributed on different platforms, or even result in lost payments.

The firm’s CEO Lee Morrison says that the new tool has been created after he saw “the difficulties rights-holders face in ensuring their catalogues are enriched and fully monetised”, as well as the challenges created by changes in the way streaming services use data, especially when it comes to moving distribution partners and negotiating new deals.

“By creating these tools”, he adds, “we save content owners time and money and help increase revenue whilst in turn creating a clean data flow to recipients, saving them valuable resource costs”.

RightsHub has also recently launched a twelve week education programme called Catalogue Academy to help rights-owners stay on top of all the trends and developments in rights data and catalogue management. It includes an interview with CMU’s Chris Cooke about the opportunities streaming has created for labels to generate more revenue out of catalogue, and the impact rights data has on those opportunities. Info here.