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Rihanna overtakes Bieber as YouTube’s most viewed

By | Published on Tuesday 18 June 2013


Rihanna’s official Vevo channel on YouTube has now brought her more music video views overall than those enjoyed by Justin Bieber via his official profile, passing to her his long-held crown as top dog on the video website.

Both have racked up almost 3.8 billion views in total, though Rihanna has had her profile for four months longer. The songstress also has nearly four million more subscribers than the pop boy on the site, presumably meaning more people watch her videos once, but her fans aren’t so into repeat plays. Both being Universal-allied artists, Rihanna and Bieber’s official music videos on the YouTube site are posted under the Vevo banner (though Bieber’s original YouTube channel remains considerably more popular than Rihanna’s).

As for who’s most popular on a day-by-day basis across the YouTube platform, online popularity monitor Starcount had Rihanna slightly ahead of Bieber yesterday, though both are lagging far behind Psy in that regard, he currently pulling in more YouTube views per day than Rihanna and Bieber put together.