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Rihanna says her Super Bowl show doesn’t mean a new album is coming any time soon

By | Published on Tuesday 8 November 2022


Rihanna recently returned with new track ‘Lift Me Up’ and she’s set to play the Super Bowl half time show in February. So, that all means that her first album since 2016’s ‘Anti’ is on the horizon, right? Wrong. Or so says Rihanna, who would probably know.

“No, no, no, that’s not true”, the singer told AP when it suggested that all these developments meant that she “obviously” had a new LP on the way. “[The] Super Bowl is one thing. New music is another thing. Do you hear that, fans? Because I knew, the second that I announced this I said, ‘Oh my God, they’re gonna think my album is coming, I need to get to work’”.

So that means that there’s still going to be a long wait until we hear more new music from Rihanna, right? Wrong.

“I do have new music coming out”, she continued. “But we’ll see. We’ll see. [The Super Bowl and that new music are] unrelated. But [it’s] a special project”.

As for why she agreed to do the Super Bowl halftime show when she didn’t have a big new release to promote, she said: “It was a challenge that I welcomed. It was a stage bigger than anything I’ve ever done. [Also it’s] one of those things, if I’m going to leave my baby, I’m going to leave my baby for something special. And I was willing to do it. It was now or never for me, I feel like”.

Rihanna’s new track last month, of course, was a one-off recorded for the soundtrack of new film, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. While you wait for her to chuck more breadcrumbs your way, you can watch the video for that song here: