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Rihanna: Society needs to get over what Chris Brown did

By | Published on Thursday 7 June 2012


Rihanna has reacted angrily in an interview with Esquire magazine to questions about the controversy that occurred over her collaborations with Chris Brown on two remixes earlier this year.

When the topic was initially broached the singer, according to a transcript published by Hollywood Gossip, said: “The whole thing caught me a little off-guard to be honest… especially the amount of… negative attention. Because it never occurred to me how this was going to be a problem, you know. It really didn’t”.

When pushed the exchange became more heated, especially when the journalist suggested that she had “gone back to someone who put you in the hospital”, to which Rihanna responded: “Okay. [But] in a completely professional environment. And on a completely professional note. I mean, if I went back to him [as a girlfriend], then that’s a whole different discussion. And if I ever do, then that’s something that y’all have to talk to me about when – if – that ever happens. Until then, look at it for what it is. I think a lot of people jumped to an assumption that was incorrect and they ended up looking stupid”.

Rihanna went on to blame “society” for having “a lot of shit y’all can’t get over”. And maybe she’s right, maybe it is really our problem. Though if the problem is being horrified that a man who beat his girlfriend unconscious in the street has been able to proceed with his career almost without pause, and to become even more celebrated by his industry, despite showing only token gesture remorse and seemingly having not addressed his anger issues, then that’s surely a good problem to have, right?