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Ringo Says Fuck Off 11: Steve Lamacq

By | Published on Friday 6 February 2009

Okay, so here we go again, branching away from musicians and into the land of the DJ. This week we have a tale of Mr Steve Lamacq. To be honest, we’re feeling a little bit bad about publishing this one, what with Steve being an unflinching champion of new music. This is probably more an insight into what it’s like to be a man with a recognisable face and the willingness to give little bands a chance at making it big. Sorry Steve.

Anyway, a reader writes: “A good ten years or so ago, a friend of mine was playing drums in one of those up-and-coming band things. At one gig of theirs that I went to, they were being supported by another such band, who went by the name of Idlewild. My friend spied Steve Lamaq standing by the stage early in the evening, and being the excitable sort, bounded up to him and said, ‘Hi, Steve!” Lamacq turned, looked at him, and said, ‘Fuck off, I’m here to see Idlewild'”.

So, there you go. Have you ever been told to fuck off by a pop star, DJ, presenter, or other public face of the music industry? Send us your stories to