Rizzle Kicks kicked off Murs’ US campaign

By | Published on Thursday 10 May 2012

Olly Murs

Given the commercial success of Brit bands The Wanted and One Direction over in the USA, it stands to reason that affable ‘X-Factor’ alumnus Olly Murs might sell well in America too. His people seem to think so, anyway, and are looking to orchestrate a trans-Atlantic Murs breakthrough with a release of the singer’s Samuel Preston-penned single, ‘Heart Skips A Beat’.

Unfortunately for Brighton duo Rizzle Kicks – who appeared on the original – guest rap duties on the US version will instead be carried out by Philadelphia rap-pop pairing Chiddy Bang, who should seemingly prove more popular with an American audience.

Olly, of course, has been selected to support during One Direction’s impending US tour, which should spur on his American campaign quite nicely.

Sidestepping the Rizzle Kicks issue, Murs says: “Hopefully I can convert them [One Direction fans] into the Murs army and the Ollyettes so if they can be converted, that will be great. There’s always room for everyone, but for me, America is just a good challenge and fingers crossed the song does well and if it does, it will be amazing!”

Speaking of things that are amazing, here’s the all-American Chiddy Band remix of ‘Heart Skips Of A Beat’: