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Robbie Williams put Geri Halliwell in a bag 

By | Published on Monday 4 December 2017

Robbie Williams

It’s actually very hard to be truly original in pop music. Even Taylor Swift’s tactic for avoiding the paps is old hat. Or so it turns out.

Earlier this year it was speculated that Swift had avoided being snapped by the photographers amassed outside her house by climbing inside a large black suitcase and having two of her security team carry said suitcase to the boot of her car. Where she presumably stayed until the vehicle was safely away from the glare of any cameras.

We should add, it was never actually confirmed whether that did or did not happen. But if it did, then Swift was just copying good old Geri Halliwell.

Or so says Robbie Williams, who was busy promoting his book ‘Reveal’ on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ last week. Chatting about stories in the book, he talked about a time that he and Halliwell were at his flat in Notting Hill and the paps were all gathered outside, flashing the flashlights on their cameras in the hope the two pop stars would eventually come to the window to see what was going on.

Having consulted a not entirely sympathetic policeman about whether anything could be done to have the paps sent away, he decided they should just go and hang out somewhere else instead.

According to Digital Spy, Williams then said: “I’m like, ‘Geri we can’t do anything about the paparazzi … we should get out of here’. I had a genius idea to put her in a hold-all, because she’s a very small person. I literally put her in this duffle bag and put her over my shoulder. I had the paparazzi all taking pictures and I’m like, ‘Hi, guys!’ She had a car and I put her in the boot of her car, which is funny”.

Well, mildly amusing maybe. But more importantly, Williams provides confirmation that, wherever Swift’s pop career may take her, Halliwell’s already been there.