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Robbie Williams turned to Ed Sheeran during last minute panic about hits count

By | Published on Tuesday 27 September 2016

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams pleaded to that there Ed Sheeran via email that he provide his fellow popstar with a little song to sing during a last minute panic about his new album’s hit count, apparently.

Having confirmed this weekend that he has a new record to share called ‘Heavy Entertainment Show’, Williams is quoted by The Sun as saying of the Sheeran collaboration on that new album: “[I panicked and thought] days are running out for the album, have I got enough hits? Are there enough hits? I’ve got Ed Sheeran’s email. I’ll send him an email and see what happens. One last hope”.

And so, he says, he wrote in his email to Sheeran: “Dear Ed, Robbie Williams here. Do you have any spare hits?” And good old Ed provided the goods. “He sent me this song about ‘Pretty Woman’. I added a chorus and I think the song is fully formed”.

“I’m honoured that he said yes”, Williams continues. “And I’m honoured that I get to be in Ed’s thoughts. You can’t not be a fan of Ed. He’s a phenomena. And also the nicest guy. He’s incredibly talented”.

So that’s all nice isn’t it? Though, come on Robbie, you’re a talent guy, next time you need a hit surely you could just (allegedly) rip off a Matt Cardle track yourself without bothering poor old Sheeran.