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Russell Brand has made a music video that utilises recent changes in the law to rework the Blur that is known as… PARKLIFE

By | Published on Tuesday 11 November 2014

Russell Brand

Noted political activist Russell Brand became one of those internet meme things last week, when someone noticed that adding “PARKLIFE” to the end of pretty much any sentence to come from his mouth made it sound like it was taken from the Blur song that is also called ‘Parklife’. That was a very long sentence, I’ll avoid the risk of any more appearing here by letting Usvsth3m fill you in on the full story.

Anyway, Brand ruined the joke pretty quickly, by retweeting someone else and adding “PARKLIFE” to it himself. And yesterday he ensured that the whole thing was well and truly dead in its grave by releasing a reworking of the Blur song with the help of Rubberbandits. It really is awful. Truly awful. Avoid watching the video, if you can.

For educational purposes only – because it’s a good example of the new parody exemption recently added to UK copyright law fully in action – here is said video (do not watch it):