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RZA dedicates track to Paul Walker

By | Published on Tuesday 3 December 2013


RZA has written a track dedicated to Paul Walker, in the wake of the late ‘Fast & Furious’ actor’s death in a car crash on Saturday. The Wu-Tang producer made ‘Destiny Bends’, which features the voice of Will Wells, on the same night of the accident. He had met Walker whilst filming the forthcoming movie ‘Brick Mansions’.

Posting a note on SoundCloud, RZA writes: “We saw in each other a kindred spirit of men coming from unlikely circumstances, and rising to be the light and beacon of our family and loved ones. Men who learned the joy and pains of love in life, and success, while coming to realise that nothing is more important than family, friendship, and the brotherhood of humanity”.

He continues: “As all physical things will decay and wither away, film, art, and music remain longer than the vessel that delivered them. In this vein, the one thing we can’t take away or give back is time. So, thus, time is the most precious gift. I dedicated my time to compose this song with my two sons and new friend Will Wells, who was kind enough to sing and perform it for me. We dedicate it to Paul Walker. A good man. We had plans to continue working with each other in the future. It seemed destined, but ‘destiny bends'”.

Listen here:

Going back to Wu-Tang, RZA has said on the matter of the collective’s new LP in-the-making, which if released this year would coincide the 20th anniversary of group’s debut LP, ‘Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’, that it’s almost done, but for contributions from Raekwon, who’s apparently gone AWOL.

“Everybody did their verses except Raekwon”, says RZA. “He hasn’t turned in his verses yet. I don’t know if he’s still trying to find the vibe of the music. We have to talk about it before it becomes too late. But he hasn’t come to the table yet”.

Asked if he’d consider putting the album out without Raekwon’s parts, he says: “Well, you know what, that’s something that I would take a vote on with the rest of the crew. I’m not a dictator about that. Raekwon is a valuable energy to the Wu-Tang, his voice, his lyrics, his approach. Rae is a master lyricist”.

So, that’s nice and inconclusive. Hurrah.