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Safe sex, JLS style

By | Published on Tuesday 5 October 2010

If you happen to be having sex with Ortise Williams from JLS any time soon, prepare for him to do something quite unnerving. The singer revealed that he exclusively uses boxes of condoms with his own face printed on them.

As previously reported, the boyband recently teamed up with Durex to produce a range of JLS condoms, with four varieties to choose from, each bearing the picture of a different band member on the box. This is somehow supposed to promote safe sex, in Williams’ case by freaking out his partners and making them run away.

Williams told MTV: “I ran out. I had to go to Boots to buy some more. We were all given packets of each other’s. It’s not like their faces are on the actual condoms but I still prefer to use my own. I’m happy to keep doing my bit and paying my way for them. I never get embarrassed about using condoms or buying them, no way. It’s part of the movement. I’m not going to get caught out. I’m an avid believer of no glove, no love”.

I imagine that prior to whipping out the condoms, he also attempts to seduce the ladies by playing them JLS songs.