Sage Francis gives away Yann Tiersen collaboration

By | Published on Thursday 22 April 2010

Rapper Sage Francis has released a free download of a track from his forthcoming new album, ‘Li(f)e’. The track, entitled ‘The Best Of Times’, was co-written with French composer Yann Tiersen, best known for his soundtrack to the film ‘Amelie’ and for generally being awesome.

Speaking to CMU, Francis explained the album’s title: “This is ass backwards, but the album title inspired a lot of the content I decided to dedicate to this album. The concept of the title, anyway. ‘Li(f)e’ is a title that derives from a lyric of mine that states: ‘Life is just a lie with an F in it and death is definite’. The amalgamation is Li(f)e and that’s something my fans came up with years ago. Some tattooed it on their body, some made shirts, some use it as part of their profile online, etc. It’s popularity rose to the point where it made me question why this concept in particular has drawn so many people in”.

He continued: “To me, it seems like my music has always been used as a way for me to expose myths and dispel falsehoods. A lot of my album takes religion to task, as I believe organised religion is the source to a lot of atrocious and hurtful lies. But the album isn’t all about that, that’s just an underlying theme. I’m pointing it out because I’d rather it go noticed than ignored. Whether that earns me friends or enemies”.

You can download ‘The Best Of Times’ here: