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Sam Smith does live advert just like he said he would

By | Published on Monday 2 June 2014

Sam Smith

So, we reported last week that Sam Smith was going to do a live TV advert of Google Play Music, and he only bloody did. In a break from the ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ programme on Friday night, Channel 4 tapped into Smith’s show at The Roundhouse in London and viewers saw him perform his single ‘Stay With Me’.

Sadly for everyone not involved, the whole thing went very smoothly with no obvious hitches at all. Which means the only thing I can focus on to pad this story out is to mention that for the first 30 seconds of the video, an iPhone being held up by an audience member sits in the front of the shot.

Completely REFUSING to comment on this, Google UK’s Azi Eftekhari said in a stock quote post-event: “We’re so delighted Google Play Music, Sam and his millions of fans could be a part of music and TV history this evening. Google Play’s all about connecting music lovers with the tracks and artists they love”.

Watch the iPhone iPhoning all over the place here: