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Sam Smith unsure of man’s name

By | Published on Thursday 14 January 2016

Sam Smith

Sam Smith doesn’t know who Thom Yorke is, which some people are taking to be some sort of big deal. It’s not. I have no idea who he is either. Nor who Sam Smith is for that matter.

Anyway, apparently this Smith guy did the theme tune for a film called ‘James Bond’, or something like that. Then this Thom bloke and his band – not sure of the name – did a cover of it, I think. Or the same theme tune, but a different one. That was it, yeah. So people wanted to know what Sam thought of Thom’s song, and he was specifically asked about that after he won some sort of prize for it this week.

“What do you think of Thom Yorke’s thingy?” asked a journo, or words to that effect.

“Thom Yorke?” said Smith, turning to the guy he’d written his song with.

“Radiohead”, said that guy, whatever that means. Whatever, it seemed to jog Sam’s memory, and he then said: “Yes, I was a little bit surprised. Not going to lie, but I haven’t listened to it personally because I did the ‘Spectre’ theme song”.

I thought the film was called ‘James Bond’, what’s this ‘Spectre’? Who are these people anyway? I’m sure no one else knows or cares what any of this was about either. I doubt we’ll ever hear any of these names again.