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Santigold signs to Warner Chappell

By | Published on Monday 20 April 2020


Warner Chappell has signed a new publishing deal with Santigold as she works on a new album.

“Santigold has spent her career breaking musical barriers, blending her versatile artistry with bold, distinctive vocals”, say the Warner publisher’s CEO Guy Moot and COO Carianne Marshall in a sneaky joint statement. “She’s a thoroughly original voice, whose work has spanned records, TV, theatre and film, making her a perfect match for our multi-faceted A&R, sync and creative services teams. We’re THRILLED to welcome Santigold to our Warner Chappell family and support her craft as she continues to expand her creative universe”.

Name-checking Moot, Marshall and two other Warner Chappell execs [why not pause right now and see if you can guess who!], Santigold herself adds: “It’s incredibly refreshing to partner with a company that supports songwriters working across so many different mediums. Guy, Carianne, Ryan [that’s who – Ryan Press!], Shani [and that’s who too – Shani Gonzales!] and the Warner Chappell team [a nice get out that means you’re all winners] provide a really unique environment for innovation and collaboration, and I can’t wait to see what we create together”.

It’s possible I ruined that quote with too many square brackets. Well don’t worry, it didn’t really matter. All you really need to know is that this deal comes ahead of a number of new projects for Santigold. She’s working on a new album, wrote the soundtrack for upcoming musical fantasy film ‘The Kyd’s Exquisite Follies’, and is developing a feature film of her own. Multi-faceted!