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Sarm Studios selling off old equipment, as redevelopment begins

By | Published on Thursday 15 August 2013

Sarm Studios

Hey, if you’re in the market for some old studio gear, then keep reading. As it prepares for three years of redevelopment work, Trevor Horn’s Sarm Studios is selling off a sizeable amount of studio equipment this Sunday.

“Some of it works, some of it needs repair… but it’s all definitely seen some action”, the company said, when announcing the event. So that’s something to look forward to.

The redeveloped Sarm will see the complex reduced to two recording studio spaces, both located under ground, while the upper levels of the building will be converted into office space and nine luxury flats. Meanwhile, at the end of this month, staff and others currently occupying Sarm Studios are due to move to a new space on Ladbroke Grove called Sarm Music Village, which includes two studios and ten programming rooms.

The company also plans to open a new studio called Sarm South Coast in Lymington, a sort of counterpart to Sarm West Coast in LA.

Discussing the redevelopment, Trevor Horn said: “This redevelopment is an exciting new chapter for Sarm Studios and will allow us to bring the latest technology into the building to allow musicians’ to work and apply modern techniques but within a very established location that has produced so much fantastic music over many years. There will still be a first class analogue, old-fashioned studio for people to utilise but there is a strong focus on the future and a we want to supply the very best production, programming and publishing facilities to bring Sarm into the 21st century”.

He continued: “With advances in technology, the industry has changed almost on its head – albums can be recorded in someone’s back bedroom nowadays with a Mac and mic. It’s important that we continue to move with the times and with the demand of artists – to not only provide years of music heritage but to provide an amazing, world class creative hub with the best in sound quality available to record great music in”.

Taking place this Sunday, entry to the Sarm Studios Yard Sale will cost £5, with proceeds going to Father Jim Teeling, Trevor Horn And Jill Sinclair Trust Fund, which helps needy children in the Philippines. More details here.