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#SaveFabric campaign launched to rally support for threatened club

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2016


Fabric has launched a campaign against the “very real threat of closure” it currently faces. The London club is calling on people to voice their support and sign a petition calling for it to be kept open.

As previously reported, Fabric shut down earlier this month as police investigated two recent drug-related deaths at the venue. A review of its licence by Islington Council was also initiated, meaning Fabric will now be closed for the third weekend in a row, and over the lucrative bank holiday period too. This despite a court ruling late last year that said that the venue’s systems to keep drugs from being brought through its doors already went beyond those of other clubs.

Last week, the venue said that it was nonetheless reviewing all procedures in order to see whether further improvements could be made. Now the club has launched the #SaveFabric campaign, in a bid to focus the wealth of support it has found online since it closed its doors.

“As you know by now, Fabric is facing the very real threat of closure on 6 Sep”, says the club’s co-founder Cameron Leslie. “If Fabric’s licence is revoked, or onerous conditions are placed upon it that make it impossible to operate, then London will lose yet another venue. However stringent the operating policies and procedures, venues are currently too far downstream on the problems and risks to avoid the inevitable”.

He continued: “We are asking that the police work with us as they did for such a long time to take the challenges we all face head on. Please take a moment to sign the petition and share with friends, family and fans, [and then] hopefully the London Borough Of Islington and the Mayor will take note”.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already voiced his support for Fabric, though beyond a tweet it’s not entirely clear what he is doing.

Also commenting on the campaign, Chairman of Night Time Industries Association Alan Miller says: “We are hopeful and confident that with all the fantastic work done by so many stakeholders across London recently, that Islington Council will find a way, along with the police, to ensure that what the Mayor of London has said – and what we all want and need – [will happen]: that Fabric will be able to continue operations, leading the way as it does internationally and in the UK with it’s ‘gold standard’ of professionalism and for us to retain one of Britain’s most loved cultural gems”.

You can sign the petition here, and if you’re posting about it on social media, you’re encouraged to use the hashtags #SaveFabric and #nightlifematters.