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Sawhney to record direct to disc this weekend

By | Published on Tuesday 2 April 2013

Nitin Sawhney

Nitin Sawhney is set to take part in an ambitious recording project at Metropolis Studios this weekend, in which he and his band will perform a retrospective of the musician, producer and composer’s oeuvre that will be cut straight onto acetate disc (or directly onto lacquer, as a sound engineer would put it), ready to be pressed onto vinyl with no meddling or mastering inbetween.

The special recording – the first direct-to-disc session for 35 years, Metropolis reckons – will then be made available via a special box set release in June, ahead of the release of Sawhney’s tenth studio album later this year.

Speaking to CMU about how the project came about, Sawhney explained: “The idea came from a conversation I had with Metropolis head Ian Brenchley, and we cooked up the project over a coffee. It occurred to me that I’ll be recording my tenth studio album later this year, and have been touring the world for what sometimes seems like thousands of years now, and yet I’ve never done a live or ‘best of’ record”.

He continued: “Ian and I discussed how we might do something extra special instead of the customary live album. And the idea of staging a performance from my band at Metropolis Studios and cutting it live to vinyl for a special boxset felt like an appropriate way to mark the upcoming ten album milestone”.

You can read the full interview with Sawhney about the direct-to-disc venture and his new album proper on later this week.