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Selfridges decides that Music Matters

By | Published on Thursday 6 July 2017


Selfridges is going to have some musicians perform in its London, Manchester and Birmingham stores over the next few months, as part of a campaign called Music Matters.

This is being spun as some sort of response to so many music venues closing down in recent years. Although 1) that’s not a solution, and 2) Selfridges did not invent the concept of in-store performances. Still, money will get donated to the Music Venue Trust, so maybe some good will come of it.

The main hub of all this activity, which will start later this month and run through to October, is the flagship Selfridges store on London’s Oxford Street. A whole venue has been built inside the shop, which is being called the Ultralounge. Presumably tearing it all down on 19 Oct will be some sort of post-modern comment on the plight of live music.

Here is a line from the press release that I don’t know what to do with: “Superstar creatives Skepta and A$AP Rocky will open and close Music Matters at Selfridges with global exclusive fashion-based concepts”.

Anyway, tickets are now available for the performances (you didn’t think they were going to let you in for free, did you?), with 20% of the door price going to the Music Venue Trust. There are some good people playing too. Eivør, Unkle, Vessels, Ama Lou, Joy Crookes and Nova Twins among them.

By the way, this Music Matters campaign is nothing to do with the music industry’s official and rather rubbish Music Matters campaign of old. Which may or may not still be a thing.