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Sentric launches support programme for new talent

By | Published on Tuesday 13 August 2019

The Sentric Music Group has launched a Songwriter Accelerator Programme which it describes as a “proactive initiative designed to empower and support the next generation of music makers”. And who doesn’t want to see the next generation of music makers empowered and supported? Only miserable fuckers, that’s who. And fuck them.

“Today, Sentric is a publisher for artists at every level”, says the company’s James Cherry, “but our new Songwriter Accelerator Programme is specifically designed as a platform for the emerging writers that our company was initially built for – and that we continue to serve alongside some of the world’s greatest music makers”.

Which means that it’s writers utilising Sentric’s royalty and rights management platform for grass-roots talent who will be selected for the new scheme. Those selected will take part in masterclasses and guidance sessions and receive ongoing mentoring. The programme will run four times a year, each time involving five writers. The first five are Roman Lewis, Kris Platt, Charlotte Carpenter, Jennifer Keller and Jake Houslby.

Cherry adds: “Sentric has always been about empowering songwriters. This is another way for us to do just that”. And isn’t that nice? If the miserable fuckers are still feeling miserable now, well, fuck them double.