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Sentric Music signs Toddla T

By | Published on Wednesday 2 August 2017

Toddla T

Your best bud Toddla T has signed a new publishing deal with Sentric Music, the latest in a number of more traditional publishing deals secured by the expansive Sentric which, of course, also provides publishing services to thousands of self-published songwriters.

The deal covers both the producer’s new album ‘Foreign Light’ plus previously unpublished work which – I have on good authority – has, to date, been kept in a Spar carrier bag in a green box in his nan’s shed. OK, I made that bit up. Bear with me, it’s all publishing deals today and I’m bored. I mean, I realise this is pretty boring for you too, but remember, I have to write this shit, imagine how boring it is for me.

Not that there’s anything boring about this deal, OK? It is the very antithesis of boring. I can’t believe you even suggested it was boring. I wonder if anyone’s THRILLED about it?

“Being a fellow Sheffielder of a similar age, Toddla was essentially seen as royalty on the local scene during my formative years and for fair reason”, says Sentric’s Director Of Music Services, Simon Pursehouse. “It was never in doubt that he was going to achieve what he has and I’m utterly chuffed to be working with him now on the eve of the release of his best work to date”.

And as for T himself, he says: “Gassed to be working with Sentric. To find a team that understands my music and my vision is what it’s all about. They’re truly independent by mind and nature and ahead of the curve”.

Simon’s “utterly chuffed”. Toddla T’s “gassed”. And – as you may remember – Dave Bassett was “beyond stoked”. And you said today’s music business news was boring! Far from it. I’m genuinely THRILLED to be reporting on it all.