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Seoul to honour Psy with statue

By | Published on Monday 9 November 2015


Three years after becoming the most successful one hit wonder of all time, Psy is finally getting a statue in his honour. The district of Gangnam in Seoul, which the rapper affectionately lampooned in ‘Gangnam Style’, is to erect a statue outside the COEX shopping mall where parts of the song’s famous video were filmed.

The statue will feature two giant hands positioned in Psy’s horse-riding dance move, which featured heavily in that video. Sensors will apparently mean ‘Gangnam Style’ will play if you stand underneath the construction.

Elsewhere in Seoul, Psy is currently being less celebrated, as he attempts to evict Takeout Drawing, an independent coffee shop and art gallery in Seoul’s Itaewon district. The musician is the owner of the building in which the café has operated for a decade. He is apparently keen to renovate the space and capitalise on the city’s rocketing property prices.

This all comes just in time for the release of Psy’s first album for three years, which is due out on 1 Dec. The new record will apparently be less like ‘Gangnam Style’ and follow-up ‘Gentleman’ and more a return “to his roots”.