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Session aims to embed credits in songs at the point of creation

By | Published on Monday 18 March 2019


Music data start-up Auddly has a new name and is expanding its service. Previously focussed mainly on ensuring that songwriters agree and log royalty splits at the point any new song is created, the company – now called Session – will also seek to ensure that recordings of songs have full credit information attached to them from the moment they enter the world.

The aim is to embed this information into digital music files, which is something that other groups have been championing for a while, with mixed success. Session will be integrated with the Pro Tools software, allowing for both the logging and – crucially – the verification of various music industry identifiers. The IPI code for songwriters and IPN for performing artists can be included, as well the ISNI, which identifies content contributors of various types. It will also record the ISRC recording identifier and ISWC composition identifier.

The result, it is hoped, will help to overcome the various metadata issues of the digital music age, where proper credits are often not available on tracks uploaded to digital services. If it locked ISWC to ISRC, it could also help with royalty processing challenges.

“I’m convinced that the best way to involve the creators in the data collection is as early as possible in the creation process”, says Session CEO Niclas Molinder. “Session’s technology performs a short handshake with music society systems to authenticate creators and associate their vital industry identifiers with their account. When a creator walks into a Pro Tools powered studio their presence will be automatically detected and their identifiers, along with their typical contributions, can be easily added to a song”.

Director of Pro Tools maker Avid, Francois Quereuil, adds: “With Pro Tools software at the core of many of today’s music production environments around the world, the Avid team shares in the vision that all contributors to a piece of music or any audio work should be clearly identified, recognised and rewarded appropriately throughout the production and distribution process. We are particularly excited to enter a technology collaboration with Session and work with key players in the music industry to provide a durable solution to the challenges associated with capturing and recognising creators’ credits in an increasingly complex digital world”.

Universal Music is also among the partners at the initial stages of getting Session’s product off the ground.