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SFX acquires German promoter i-Motion

By | Published on Wednesday 20 November 2013


Another day another SFX acquisition. The EDM-focused company led by entertainment industry veteran Robert Sillerman has now bought i-Motion, the long-standing German dance event promoter. The deal is reportedly worth $21 million, of which $5 million is made up of stock in the rapidly expanding dance music business.

i-Motion currently operates eight festivals in Germany, Poland and Belarus, and works with a number of brand and media partners on its events. Confirming the buy, which has been in the works for a few months, Sillerman told reporters: “i-Motion is a key strategic acquisition for us, as it sits at the helm of dance music in Europe’s biggest country and is a portal to the fast-growing EMC markets of Continental Europe”.

Meanwhile i-Motion boss Oliver Vordemvenne said his team were “excited to join forces with SFX. It is rewarding to see the electronic music scene develop as it has. After almost 20 years as a part of the scene, [this deal] is the logical next step and is a great opportunity for our company”.

By the way, “EMC”, as used by Sillerman in his quote there, is short for “Electronic Music Culture”, and is apparently the term increasingly in vogue in EMC aka EDM aka dance music circles.