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Shakira ex denied access to her Swiss bank account

By | Published on Monday 8 July 2013


A court in Geneva has denied the ex-boyfriend and former business partner of Shakira, Antonio de la Rua, access to one of the singer’s bank accounts. He claimed that he should have access to the account because it contained the spoils of his former business partnership with the star.

As previously reported, de la Rua, the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rua, sued Shakira last November, claiming that the singer had reneged on business commitments made after the couple’s romantic relationship ended.

He argues that while Shakira initially said their professional relationship would continue after they split as a couple in 2010, last year she dropped his business services, cutting him out of the profits of deals he claims he negotiated, including her big alliance with Live Nation.

But according to papers seen by the Associated Press last week, a Swiss judge ruled in June that de la Rua did not have sufficient evidence to prove what agreements the couple reached regards Shakira’s business affairs in 2010.

De la Rua himself conceded that the agreement had not been written down. Meanwhile the bank account in question was just in Shakira’s name.

It remains to be seen if the ruling has any bearing on de la Rua’s other litigation against his ex, which is being pursued through the US courts.